Profressional Language Services Under One Roof
The value we creat for our clients is far beyond lingual conversion.

We provide more than translation.

We aim to provide more than one service under the same roof. If you already have documents translated into the language of your choice, but need to fine-tune and localize to a certain market, we are also able to provide localization services to ensure that your translation fits the local context. If you need to speak to someone with regards to copy writing for your marketing collaterals, we can be there too!

So click on any of our services to find out more about what we can do for you! Or the fastest way is to pick up that phone and contact us.

Customer Care


When you need to have millions of words translated each month, you need to know that there's a real person at the end of the phone. Our account associate are always around to help you confidently scale your translation needs.

If you've been to China, you'll know we take service seriously, so expect nothing less from Nirvana-Boya.


Find out Solutions for your Language Needs

Our amiable sales team can advise on how you can go global or localized at scale with Nirvana-Boya.
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