Localization, for Globalization.



It is frustrating when people speaking different languages do not understand one another. Do not fret. You can make this problem go away with a phone call or email. Our language consultants know well about the culture in your target market and therefore can help make the local consumers identify with your ideas and business values. You local identity will be empowered with our localization services.

Multimedia Transcription

Our experienced media team will work on your media source content in multiple formats (incl. MPEG2/DVD, QuickTime, DV and others) to provide high quality media results. Our multimedia services include voice-over, subtitling, arts, graphic and video content translation.

Website Localization

When you decide to localize your website, there is more involved than translation. Web localization requires a complete conversion from addressing one audience to an entirely different one. Written language translation is coupled with necessary format changes, the creation of correct links and finally, the adoption of a vital sensitivity to cultural differences.

Would you like to give your website a local touch and a facelift at the same time? Nirvana-Boya is just a click away. Your website will be professionally analyzed, rendered and adjusted to local taste. Nirvana-Boya takes your business seriously by assembling a team with breadth and depth to produce colorful and compelling content that is appropriate to the target market.

Software Localization

Do you have a software product that requires localization and translation, possibly English to Vietnamese or English to French? We have the engineering staff and language experts to quickly and cost-effectively localize software applications into many different languages. We understand all challenges and intricacies involved in such a project. We are here to produce culturally acceptable products that will generate strong global sales for your company.