We assure mutual><understanding.



We provide interpretation services for conferences, business meetings, seminars and exhibitions to bridge the gap between you and your associates. You can concentrate on negotiations and do not need to worry about any language barriers for we make communication so easy!

Escort Interpretation

Escort interpretation mainly applies to small-scale visits, tourism activities and business meetings that require translation services. The payment for escort interpretation is based on the time the interpreter remains at the client's disposal.

Simultaneous Interpretation

We train our interpreters to do on-time interpretation and send them to meetings or other functions. Your clients don't have to bring their own interpreters. As you speak, your client doesn't need to wait. He knows what you mean instantly, and laughs at your jokes. He understands the deal, likes your proposal, and signs.

Consecutive Interpretation

If accuracy is what you value, we can do a more conservative translation. You speak, he waits, we interpret. He understands, and nods his head. He then speaks, we interpret, while you listen. Then you both discuss terms and conditions clearly, to and fro, until you come to an agreement or a consensus.