Word carries weight;
Voice carries values. 


Nirvana-Boya's mission is to provide one-stop language services to our clients. Voice over is also one of our strengths. Our experienced team of recording techies and voice talents is committed to delivering premium quality voices in the industry, saving you the time and effort to seek and negotiage with other agencies.

Please provide the following info when requesting a quotation:

(1) Perform voices for? (promos, video games, TV commercials, podcasts etc.)
(2) Gender and age of the actor? (male/femail, teen, young adult, middle age, etc.)
(3) The voice actor should be fluent in which language, or two languages?
(4) At least how many years of experience the voice actor should have in industry?
(5) Other notes for recording and delivery________________________________________.

Please send the materials for voice over to us so that we can provide you with our quotation.

Nirvana-Boya's explanation about the rates for voice over services:

Client often asks, "I have a 20 second TV commercial I need to get voiced. How much then?"

Equipments, softwares, voice talents, recordists and studio time; actually more will be involved in delivering voice over services than clients might have taken for granted. And also, how clients are going to use that 20 seconds of VO magic and where it is to be used and for how long will also lead to the fluctuation of rates.

Nirvana-Boya quotes fares based on per minute of the source clips, which includes buyout of the audio, studio time, minor revisions within 7 days post delivery, project management, and accounting and administration.

Note: goverment taxes not inclusive.

Project Flow