Words to world via texts in types.



At Nirvana-Boya, our experienced typesetting professionals are equipped with Macs and PCs installed with state of the art processing softwares. They have both the experience and expertise to meet the most complex typesetting requirements. Our capacity spans over a wide range from single business card, marcom printed materials to multifaceted projects involving more than one languages.

The softwares we use include Quark XPress, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, InPage, PageMaker and Freehand, on both Mac and PC platforms. We also work with all Microsoft software including Office, Publisher & Front Page.

Haven't had your content typeset?

If you only have the content ready for your marcom marterials, we can do translation and something more. We here offer a complete service scope from copywriting and designing through translation/transcreation, typesetting and final printing. We have a variety of designers and copywriters on board and can contribute relevant insights into your particular field.

Here are some tips for ordering typesetting service:

(1) When designing a document you ultimately want to render and typeset into other languages, it is a good idea to bear in mind, that some languages can, on average, take up to 30% more space than the English text.

(2) If less space is left within the document than expected, the person who is doing the typesetting may have to reduce the font size, or change the character and line spacing, and this involves a huge load of work.

(3) It may also be necessary to add new pages as a result, because the text has become longer and now flows differently. It is well possible that some of the graphs will have to be repositioned.

(4) Some languages, such as the right to left ones of Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu, and also others like Bengali, Chinese, Japanese and Korean, have complex font requirements. They sometimes require specialised software such as InDesign in order to handle, but they will always be returned to you in the file format you expect.

(5) It may be advisable to offer a styleguide for the document, especially if it will be rendered and typeset in more than one language. This helps maintain the consistency of the "outer" and the "inner".

Please provide the following info when requesting a quotation:

(a) Which language pair is required? or the job involves more than one language pair?
(b) Do we need to do the translation or the text provided has already been translated?
(c) In what format will the text for typesetting come? And what is the final delivery format?
(d) Are there any graphics to be localized within the text? If so, we'll need the original ones.
(e) What is your deadline? Any other notes to add concerning the final deliverables?

Please send the materials for typesetting to us so that we can provide you with our quotation.